Whatever happened to summer?

What happened to our summer break?

Staff and the volunteers who run NWR can usually rely on a quiet period between late July and September to catch up on annual tasks and outstanding issues.  After all the hard work of the national conference is over, the pace changes and we can relax a bit to take holidays, spend time with our families or just enjoy the summer. 

Early work on the Telephone Treasure Trail then starts in August and preparations for the next trustee meeting get underway in September as everyone focuses on the year ahead.

Not this year however! 

Staff and trustee resignations have made this a busy summer and early Autumn as replacements have to be found to keep our organisation going.  New job roles and descriptions for staff had to be agreed and advertised. Then came the shortlisting and interviews and, for the lucky applicants, an induction schedule and settling in period to be organised. 

To keep the organisation going we need a whole range of volunteers from Regional/Area Organisers, to special group leaders, to trustees.   We encourage any interest and aim to find ways to use members' experiences and skills.

So we look forward to working with our new members of staff, our new trustees and volunteers as they bring new ideas and fresh energy. 

I can now return to my garden and reading and relaxing - for a few weeks at least... although the TTT is coming up quickly... and then there is Christmas...

Best wishes




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Banchory thank Edna for her hard work

At our Banchory meet last night, we finished the evening by thanking our outgoing Local Coordinator, Edna Harris, for all the hard work she has done throughout her 10-year stint in the position.  We celebrated with cake, and presented her with flowers and National Garden Vouchers.  Attached is a photo, with Edna in the centre on the sofa.

The main topic of the evening was a talk given by a volunteer representative from the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.  These clever dogs aid their 'recipients' by responding to sounds such as door bells, ringing telephones, oven alarms and even crying babies by touching the human and taking them to the source of the sound.  They are trained to respond to fire alarms by touching the human and then lying on the ground as soon as they've caught their human's attention.  Their owners say they gain great comfort and self-confidence through having a Hearing Dog, and for example can sleep soundly once again now they no longer have any worries about not hearing a fire alarm in the night.

You can spot these dogs in your neighbourhood by their smart burgundy coats, and we are all encouraged to speak to anyone we see with such a dog.  A lovely introduction to possibly a new friend.

One of the wonderful aspects of NWR is that you never know what you're going to learn about next.

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visit to Wrexham Mosque


In September ten of our group visited Wrexham Mosque, several of us went to the Open Day there 18 months ago, but some didn't make it on that day.  We have become good friends with one of the mosque congregation, who also spoke at our conference, "Faith in our Future" last year.  She warmly welcomed everyone, and gave a huge insight into the life womenin Islam, dispelling some of the many myths surrounding the subject, and she has also spoken to other NWR groups in the area who have really enjoyed what she has to say.






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Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing

Three Wedding Dresses and a.... handbags, Victorian bloomers (allegedly Princess Beatrice's!), 1950's Christening shawl, 1930's umbrellas and gloves (Bri-nylon & suede), black nylon(!) 1940's blouse, an engagement ring, a tiny red welly boot (!!), gold wedding shoes, a twenties lace dress and some bold black & white Biba, together with Hazel resplendent in her 40 year old outfit. A really entertaining meeting with stories behind all these treasured items, possibly one of the best evenings we have had!





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Flint Vineyard

Flint Vineyard

We enjoyed an informative and enthusiastic talk from Hannah and Ben about their journey to achieving the dream of starting their own Vineyard and Winery.  An impressive mix of hard work and good business sense makes this look like a successful start-up, but the vagaries of the weather are the obvious unknown quantity. 

Getting to taste the Award-winning Bacchus wine was an added bonus!


What better way to complete the outing than to enjoy lunch at the nearby Farmers Kitchen at Homersfield - lovely food and cheery, helpful staff.

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