BBQ in the New Forest

BBQ in the New Forest

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Members of Sway NWR enjoyinga walk, good food and silly games in the New Forest.


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Lively Minds Quiz 2017

Winners of the Lively Minds Quiz hosted by Leighton Buzzard in May were St Albans 2 - a first for them - well done.

There were 8 teams, all very competitive, you could have heard a pin drop at times as brains geared into place.

The evening was interrupted by tea & cakes, a chance for Leighton Buzzard ladies to show their baking skills - and wow did they succeed.  It was soon back to pencil and paper to finish the quiz and add up scores.

Thanks to Lesley Inchley whose talent at compiling quizzes was appreciated by all.  Here’s to 2018 quiz, to be hosted by St Albans 2.

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Liz Valette
Well done ladies, I love a good quiz.
Wednesday, 26 July 2017 16:36
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Up Hill and Down Dale - Women Rambling On Again

Up Hill and Down Dale - Women Rambling On Again

Four members of Arnold NWR joined with around 50 other NWR members recently for a very enjoyable day event organised by members of Trentham NWR, Staffordshire Moorlands NWR and Marilyn Vigurs, Area Organiser.

The venue was The Tea Junction at Hulme End ( In the morning we enjoyed an illustrated talk by eminent local photographer Simon Watkinson ( Simon entertained us with wonderful photographs from around the world and closer to home, showing how you can achieve great results by getting up early, going out in all weathers, and always having your camera to hand for any unexpected opportunity! Also how to improvise and make use of what equipment is to hand.

After a lovely lunch provided by the team at The Tea Junction (including feta cheesecake...yummy!!), we split into groups for an afternoon of activities. The more active amongst us set off for a 5-mile ramble; another group embarked on a treasure hunt in nearby Hartington. The largest group went with Simon a short distance to Beresford Dale, for an afternoon workshop on how to improve our photography using our various types of camera, tablets, phones etc. We learned how to use a variety of settings that some of us didn’t realise our cameras had! Simon patiently showed us how to access the menu options on our cameras and choose appropriate settings for the conditions. We were then set loose for a couple of hours, to wander along the dale and experiment taking different pictures and changing the camera/phone settings to compensate for bright sunlight and strong shadows and reflections.
We all reconvened for tea and cake and closing remarks having had a most enjoyable day in glorious sunshine!

Thanks to all the organisers and to the wonderful catering team at The Tea Junction!

Arnold NWR

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Donalds & Theresas - topical discussions

July 6th 2017

14 of us met at Jane’s for an evening of Donalds and Theresas.  It was nice to see Jenny well enough to be there. One of the party was disappointed that we had excluded Trump and May.  

We heard about Donalds “Duck” Dunn 1941-2012, great bass player with Booker T and the MGs;  Sinden, theatre/film/tv/radio actor with the lovely voice;  McCleary, who worked with The Royal Ballet for 48 years;  Campbell, the only person to hold both the land and water speed records, before his spectacular crash in Bluebird;   Osmond, the 7th son of the singing Osmond family;  Tusk, born 1957, once President of Poland and now of the EU Council;  and “Donald - Where’s Your Trousers”  (cue for excellent singing).
The Theresa /Teresa crew were   (Tessa) Sanderson,  champion javelin thrower;  Barclay, 19th century brothel keeper who patented a machine to beat customers;   Hsu Chih 1989-2011, "Singapore’s Mother Teresa”, who was still doing charity work at 101 years old and was NOT religious;  Blake, of Rossetti Couture, designer of ballet/theatre/opera costumes for all the big companies (and theatrical wedding dresses);   Maria-Theresa of Vienna 1717-80, Queen and Holy Roman Empress;  Sackler, philanthropist - many art galleries and museums have Sackler rooms or buildings; and two Carmelite Nuns - St Teresa of Avila, canonised 1622 (who founded monasteries, was a visionary and a Doctor of the Church)  and St Theresa the Little Flower, canonised 1925, who was too sickly to do any Big Deeds but made small daily sacrifices and showed there could be holiness in ordinary lives.
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Deepings at Lincoln Conference 2017

The Deepings Group is in South Lincolnshire, and when it was announced that Conference 2017 would be in Lincoln, two of our members immediately offered to be on the organising committee. 
 Many thanks to Ann and Faith for the hard work involved in making this year’s Conference a huge success.
There were eleven of us in all…..nine staying Friday night to enjoy the wrap-around events and dinner (with an excellent table quiz produced by Faith) plus the interesting, funny after-dinner speaker.  
Some of us went on a boat ride, some to the Art Gallery, some to the Lincolnshire Archives.
 Two more drove up early for the Main Conference on Saturday morning.
The University of Lincoln has a wonderful site on the bank of the Marina, looking up at the much-painted view to the castle and cathedral on top of the hill. 
 All three speakers were great - Sophie Wells lost fingers and nearly lost both legs (from amniotic band syndrome) - but that has not stopped her winning shed-loads of medals (including three golds and three silvers between the London and Rio Para-Olympics) in horse dancing (as she called it). She has also won able-bodied international dressage events.  
Mary Powell has been in charge of the wonderful reconstruction at The Castle with heart-stopping times like winching the huge spiral staircase over the wall, pushing the new lift shaft through the gateway which only just fitted it, finding a Saxon sarcophagus when they dug down to make the vault for the Magna Carta.  
Sophie Hannah, a poet (her work is used in GCSE, A level and degrees) and crime writer (the famously guarded Agatha Christie family chose her to write two new Poirot novels) was very entertaining.  We enjoyed our workshops on Chasumba, Drumming, the painted knights sculptures which are all round the city, the Woodland Trust and discussion groups.
No one was nominated for the Mary Stott Award this year, so we remembered back to when our own Rita won it for setting up her Mustard Seed Project in the slums of Mombasa, providing a Primary School and many other resources for the local community in Kenya (which she and her husband Geoff continue to do - check out their website...)
We are looking forward to next year’s Conference at Chester.
Thanks to Kathy Ward [LO] for this report.
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