Our aim is to connect women who are interested in everything – to talk about anything.

Who we are

Women who are Open minded, Welcoming, Friendly, Lively, Stimulating, Respectful, Educating, and happy to Connect.

We raising awareness of issues relevant to our members lives but we are not a support, political, religious, campaigning, judgemental, fundraising, or a pressure group.

We want to have lively stimulating conversations and broaden our horizons, whilst having fun and meeting new people.

What I get from NWR 

'I really appreciate the diverse adult conversation. It has opened up lots of topics to investigate.  I am reading more widely than I would have on my own.  I like hearing other people’s viewpoints and think I am looking at some things in a different way.  After a working lifetime of teaching/talking I am also learning to listen.  It has also expanded my friendship base.  It has quite simply enriched my life.'

If your children have left home,you’ve retired from work, moved to a new area, or had another change in circumstances we can offer you a wide range of activities, great discussions, new horizons and fresh connections.

Reasons to become a member

'It can be as much or as little as you want it to be'

'It can open a new door on life'

'You can come to the first 3 meetings for free'

'You don’t have to host a group, you can just turn up'

'You don’t have to come to every meeting'

'It’s really flexible we meet on different time and days'

'We can try to get you a lift to meetings'

'We can meet you outside so you don’t have to go in on your own'

'It’s a great way to meet new people'

Don’t just take our word come along and try it out contact a group near to you now…