Why do we have trustees?

To comply with our Memorandum and Articles of Association, an election to the Board of Trustees takes place every two years. There have been Trustees of the National Women's Register since 1980, a requirement of being a charity (NHR was granted charitable status in 1980). When NWR (as NHR) became a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee in 1986, it was also necessary to have at least one director to manage the company, and the Trustees became Directors of NWR the company.

The role of the trustees

The trustees have a dual role as Directors under the Companies Act and Trustees under the Charities Act. It is their legal and overall responsibility to ensure that NWR is working to achieve its aims and is operating within its charitable remit as a company limited by guarantee, and that the organisation is run on a financially viable basis.

As Directors, the trustees are collectively agents of the company and must observe the rules governing them. They are responsible to the company, not to the members as individuals or a body, and members of the company cannot instruct the Directors in their duties. Directors also have a legal duty to consider the interests of company employees (the Office Administrator and her Assistant).

What do the trustees do?

The trustees meet with the two Co-ordinators at least four times a year. One meeting is at the National Conference. All the employees, viz. the Co-ordinators, Bookkeeper and Office Administrator are line managed by a trustee. Each co-ordinator has regular meetings with their line manager and keeps in close contact via telephone and email.

The trustees of the National Women's Register wish to give the best possible support to the organisation and may be contacted by any member at any time.