Lively Minds Quiz 2017

Winners of the Lively Minds Quiz hosted by Leighton Buzzard in May were St Albans 2 - a first for them - well done.

There were 8 teams, all very competitive, you could have heard a pin drop at times as brains geared into place.

The evening was interrupted by tea & cakes, a chance for Leighton Buzzard ladies to show their baking skills - and wow did they succeed.  It was soon back to pencil and paper to finish the quiz and add up scores.

Thanks to Lesley Inchley whose talent at compiling quizzes was appreciated by all.  Here’s to 2018 quiz, to be hosted by St Albans 2.

Up Hill and Down Dale - Women Rambling On Again
BBQ in the New Forest

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Liz Valette on Wednesday, 26 July 2017 16:36

Well done ladies, I love a good quiz.

Well done ladies, I love a good quiz.