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Telephone Treasure Trail 2022

About the Quiz

The quiz takes part over four evenings Monday 14 to Thursday 17 November with a maximum of 100 groups taking part each evening.

The NWR held its first Telephone Treasure Trail in 1995.  231 groups took part in that first TTT, and it was so successful it turned into an annual event; one of the most popular in the NWR calendar.  Now, 27 years on, over 270 groups will be getting ready to take part in the 2022 quiz. 

As well as taking part in the quiz, groups also provide ‘clue holders’, who are allocated one clue and answer each and will have up to 100 groups calling them to check if their answer is correct, and to be given their next clue. 

Each group attempts to answer a block of 20 clues plus a compulsory web clue.  This aspect of the quiz gives groups a chance to speak to other NWR members all over the country, which enhances the fun and ‘national’ feel of the quiz.

Each year there is a different hidden ‘theme’ for the quiz which becomes apparent as clues are solved – over the years themes have ranged from parts of the body to capital cities. 

To enter your group

Please go to TTT Entry Form

Entry donation is £6 per group (this includes the booking fee for Eventstop)

Please nominate one person from your group to take responsibility for your booking to avoid duplication.

To be a Clue Holder

All you need is a telephone and a free evening from 8-10pm.  You will need to turn off your Answer Phone / Call Minder service for the evening if this is possible. 

We need volunteers for all evenings Monday to Thursday. Members from across the country will be calling you for a clue or to check their answer.

To register as a volunteer please go to TTT Clue Holder


First Prize £100 for the winning group

Four nightly group prizes of £50

Two nightly Clue Holder prizes of £20