Afternoon Tea (Maghull & Lydiate)

Date: Sun 23 Apr 2017 00:00.


Annual afternoon tea organised by the Maghull & Lydiate group.

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Our Speakers:

Gee Walker - Merseyside Woman of the year

Gill Bainbridge - Chief Executive of Merseyside Youth Association

The theme of our Afternoon Tea is “The Value of Youth.” Our aim this year is to highlight the work of two women who have found themselves in very different roles. We will explore their responsibilities and how they approach them, and discuss the inspiration they give to the people of our city, both young and old.

Gee Walker A formidable lady of immense courage, Gee is to be commended for her strength, dignity and absolute determination to make a real difference in our society. After losing her son in tragic circumstances, the Anthony Walker Foundation was established as Gee was determined that the memory and legacy of Anthony would live on. All those associated with the foundation work tirelessly, supporting thousands of young people to promote peace, harmony and integrity throughout Merseyside and beyond. 

Gill Bainbridge Chief Executive of Merseyside Youth Association, Gill came to M.Y.A. following a successful period managing the Young Person’s Advisory Service. Gill has steered M.Y.A. through the best, and worst, of times. To quote Gill, “I am immensely proud of the charity, its staff team, and its young people. In those dark and sad days, when you think ‘what’s the point of it all?’, it is their inspiration that keeps you strong. It is their resilience that makes you continue to believe in what you do. It is their hope that gives you hope. I do this job because it matters.”

”Believe in our youth, they are the future”

Afternoon Tea will be served at: 2.15 pm approx.


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