Women and Film: Images, Memories and Fantasies

Date: Sat 28 Oct 2017.

Autumn Workshop

Have you ever wondered how many women get to make films?

Do you think it matters if it's a man or a woman behind the camera?

What kind of films do you enjoy watching, and do you go the cinema for some inspiration or for some escapism?

How do you think films, cinema going, and images of women have changed?

Do you think girls today have better role models on film, or do you worry about unrealistic pressures on them? 


Our Workshop Presenters…….

We will discuss these topics alongside Fiona Handyside, author of Sofia Coppola: A Cinema of Girlhood, as featured in NWR's magazine's 2017 Big Read, and Danielle Hipkins, author of Italy's Other Women: Gender and Prostitution in the Cinema 1940-1965.

Fiona and Danielle both work at the University of Exeter, where they teach and research on women, cinema, girls, and audiences.

We will also get the chance to look at a range of material from the University's Bill Douglas Cinema Museum, which will throw entertaining and illuminating perspectives on the changing relations of women and cinema.

Please feel free to bring along any cinema related souvenirs or momentoes of your own to share with the group



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