Correspondence magazines and e-mags

Would you like to receive news and views from a group of friends every month? Would you like to share your stories and discuss topics of interest to you?

If yes, then join the correspondence groups special interest group.

Each correspondence group has six to eight NWR member contributors from all over Great Britain.

I really enjoy hearing from my NWR friends across the country.

Contributors write a monthly letter (or email) that is added to a ‘magazine’ for circulation. Letters contain news on members’ everyday lives, their commentary on what is in ‘the news’, and responses to other contributors’ letters. Some groups agree a topic for discussion, while others take contributions on any subject.

If you’d like to receive six plus replies to your one letter, practise your letter writing skills, share your news and hear from other NWR members, contact our Correspondence Groups Special Interest Group organiser.

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