Programme 2021 to 2022

Fri 17th Dec Christmas Social Evening of wine, cheese and mince pies and festive goodies…..

Fri 28th Jan 6.30pm Chinese New Year celebration (actual date is 1st Feb)

Fri 11th Feb 6.30pm Living in a different country – discussion

Fri 18th  Mar 6.30pm Shelagh’s Adventures in the Antarctic – a talk

Fri 8th Apr 6.30pm Our household tips and words of wisdom to pass on to the next generation

Sun 24th Apr Trip to Mount Grace Priory (daffodils in bloom?) – bring a picnic?

Sun 8th  May Day trip to York – walls walk, Van Gogh Immersion experience, boat trip?

Fri 27th May 6.30 Play reading night (or Sun 29th May afternoon – with a picnic – in Stainton Churchyard?)

Fri 10th Jun from 2.30pm A Bronte trip! A visit to Howarth in Yorkshire to release our inner Cathy and search for Heathcliff on the Moors

Fri 1st Jul 6.30pm Our Summer Party and National Country Night / quiz 

Fri 8th or 15th Jul 6.30pm Fish and Chips social evening at Saltburn (Sea View Restaurant) and a walk along the pier