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Keen readers are always looking for ideas of what to read next…

So each year NWR suggest up to eight books that connect with the annual theme which all provide another angle on the topic. The titles are usually fiction and all are available in audio versions. Many groups read at least one or two titles and share comments about them in their Book Club or main meetings. Reviews are also welcome for the website and magazine.

Please email / send us your reviews by 31 January 2019 which is the copy deadline for the Spring magazine.

Groups are welcome to make suggestions for titles for next year based on the theme which is announced in the autumn.  Please email us your book list suggestions by 31 August 2018.


Big Read synopses and reviews

2018 - Dangerous Knowledge - book list and synopses

2017 - Women in Film - book list and synopses

2016 – It's all Relative  – book list and synopses

2015 – Democracy, Liberty and Human Rights – synopses and book reviews