Volunteering with NWR

NWR relies on the generosity of its volunteers, for their time and expertise, for which we are very grateful.

Volunteering with NWR provides excellent opportunities to gain new or build on existing skills and meet lots of lively-minded women! These are important roles and would enable you to ‘give something back’, thereby helping more women benefit from being part of NWR and improving member experience.

We have set out the main tasks and responsibilities of the roles, however there is flexibility in when you perform them, how you perform them and how much you do, meaning you can fit it in with your existing commitments and interests. The roles may also be shared with another member.

Full support is provided by NWR staff and a friendly support network exists with other volunteers. You need never feel alone.

NWR is seeking members to join our team as an Area Supporter and/or an Area Events Supporter.

Area Supporters at the NWR National Conference 2022 in Newcastle

We believe they offer an exciting opportunity for members to contribute meaningfully to NWR, will be enjoyable and provide the charity with the support it needs to ensure it continues to be here into the future for women looking to make connections, have interesting conversations and fun!

About the roles

The roles can be taken on individually or combined. They can also be shared – in fact, we welcome more than one person taking on the roles within a given area!

Area Supporter – what do they do?

  • Provides support to the Local Organisers (LOs) assigned to them, promotes the benefits of being part of the national organisation, the support it brings and NWR regional, national and online activities
  • Identifies opportunities for improving the member experience.
  • Performs an important ‘linchpin’ role of delivering updates from the NWR office and communicating back the views of members.

Area Event Supporter – what do they do?

  • Works with NWR staff to gain an understanding of the types of events NWR members in their area would like to attend.
  • With support from local members, organises events for NWR members in their area. The number and type of events may vary, it could be a day conference, a social event or visit, with the objective to bring members together in a safe, social and enjoyable environment.

Local Organiser – what do they do?

  • Welcomes new members
  • Promotes their group’s activities within NWR and more widely
  • Co-ordinates their group’s activities with support from other members of their group

The New Group Organiser

Do you have a passion for organising social groups and meeting new people? Want a flexible voluntary role that allows you to make a difference to peoples’ lives? Then read on!

What will the New Group Organiser do?
Following the success of the new groups in Hertfordshire, we are recruiting volunteers across the country to set up new NWR groups in their area. These NWR groups will meet in a local pub or cafe with a set theme – this theme acts as an icebreaker and ensures that no two meetings feel the same! Themes could cover a wide range of topics and are designed to be light-hearted and an opener for conversations that could lead anywhere (and usually do!). Your role would be to run the group meetings.

Who are we looking for?
We are looking for volunteers who enjoy meeting and talking to new people!

Other NWR volunteer roles include online group organisers, national conference committee roles and Facebook Groups moderators. All NWR volunteers receive comprehensive and ongoing support from the NWR National Office team and their peers.