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Following our recent talk on the Fundamentals of Cyber Resilience with Fiona Bail

please CLICK HERE for the slides with helpful links as featured in the video.


We don’t have permission to record all of our online talks and some we can only keep for a

specified period of time, so we apologise if we don’t have the talk you are looking for.

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NWR Dance for life with Janice Fraser

Art & Sex with Roberta Faccio

A History of Witches with Sandy Leong

Wise Women, Folk Medicine and Familiars: The true story of the history of witchcraft and witch trials with Terri Reid

The Psychology of Conspiracy Theories with Dr Daniel Jolley

Understanding Psychopaths: Manipulation, Collusion and Resilience with Dr Mark Freestone

Fundamentals of Cyber Resilience with Fiona Bail

Anti-alcohol, pro-freedom: the trailblazing women of the Victorian temperance movement with Dr Pam Lock

Marion Molteno in conversation with Lisa Conway, author of ‘A Strand of Gold’

Marion Molteno in conversation with Merilyn Brason, author of ‘The Bamboo Bracelet: A true Story’

A.C. Grayling – Philosophy and the Good Life

Marion Molteno in conversation with Martha Leigh, author of ‘Invisible Ink: A Family Memoir’


The History of the order of St John

Cross dressed

Cross dressed to Kill with Vivien Morgan

Shame with Jasvinder Sanghera CBE

Real Women of Edinburgh with Invisible Cities

Our lives: Shaping Inspiring Stories with Marion Molteno and Mary Simpson

children food poverty

Food, Poverty and Children with Marion Molteno and Anna Taylor

Powerful Women of Manchester with Laura of Invisible Cities

Actress, campaigner, writer, philosopher with Dr Sophie Ward

reducing inequality

Reducing Inequalities with Dr Wanda Wyporska

Unconscious Bias with Leela Bassi

Diamond Street with Rachel Lichtenstein

The Archers in Lockdown with Sunny Ormonde

Girls in Science with Lakechia Jeanne