The NWR Mary Stott Award

Mary Stott was the first and longest serving editor of ‘The Guardian’ newspaper’s Women’s page, and it was under her aegis that ‘The Guardian’ provided a launch pad for the National Housewives Register (NHR), a forerunner organisation of NWR. You can read Mary’s obituary in The Guardian.

Mary Stott was a great supporter and friend to NWR; for 40 years she acted as an informal advisor to our organisation, served as a trustee, and was appointed an Honorary Life Member.

Following Mary’s death in 2002, the NWR Mary Stott Award was founded as a lasting tribute to her contribution to NWR.

Award criteria

The winner of the award will need to demonstrate one of the following:

  1. Successfully undertakes an imaginative and productive initiative to raise the profile of NWR and/or their local group.
  2. Organises an event or activity that results in positive and extensive publicity for NWR.
  3. Exceptional service to NWR – whose contribution has been of great value to NWR over a sustained amount of time.

Award prize

NWR Mary Stott Award recipient is presented with a commemorative quaich – a Scottish cup of friendship – which she holds for one year. In addition, the award winner receives  a national conference place and accommodation for one night.

Nomination process

Award candidates must be nominated by NWR members, and nominators are asked to submit in writing the reasons for their nomination matching these to the criteria specified (maximum of 500 words). Nominees must give their permission to having their name put forward.

Typically, the Mary Stott Award is made at our annual National Conference.. The winner is selected by a trustee along with the National Organiser and a panel comprised of NWR members.