NWR Membership

Members tell us – what’s the best part about being a member of NWR

Membership options

Affiliate to a local group membership

If you opt to affiliate to a local group, we will send you details of NWR groups near you. You’ll be invited to attend local group meetings and to choose the best group for you. If you want, you can attend up to two meetings free-of-charge before joining NWR.

Each local group decides its own programme, providing new members with the opportunity to select a group that suits them. Programmes cover a wide range of topics from the serious to the light-hearted, and participation is encouraged.

Members affiliated to a local group can volunteer as local organisers, or support their group as treasurer, publicity officer, or in another role.

Members affiliated to a local group can participate in the national programme of events and activities, with their group or as individual members.

Independent membership

NWR’s independent members do not affiliate with a specific local group, but can take part in any group’s events and activities.

NWR independent members can also participate in the national programme of events and activities as individual members. This includes eligibility to take part in any local group’s events and activities (prior notice to Local Organiser required), including regional events and the national conference.

Independent members enjoy:
Monthly newsletters containing NWR news and quizzes
NWR online meetings
Specialised NWR Facebook discussion groups
NWR magazine, downloadable or delivered to your door, access to back copies of the magazine
Participation in quality Schedule of Talks and past recordings

Start a new local group

We welcome requests from new or established members to start new local groups. You may know women who would like to form a group with you, or NWR can put you in touch with women near you who may wish to join your new group.

New group organisers receive specific assistance from NWR staff and the members network. A comprehensive resource detailing over 60 years’ experience of starting new NWR local groups is available, and NWR staff are allocated to support efforts and provide materials.

The NWR network

NWR operates a network of local groups for women across Great Britain.


318 active groups

And growing

Find your local group today

Or, join as an independent member

NWR around the world

While NWR operates predominantly in Great Britain, we are delighted to have members in Australia.

We welcome requests from new or established members to set up new local groups, or you can join NWR as an independent member anywhere in the world.