Telephone Treasure Trail

Thank you to all the groups who took part in the quiz last week and a special thanks to our clue holder volunteers for giving up their time.

In total we had 262 groups taking part and an amazing 202 Clue Holder volunteers taking your calls.

An extra special thank you to this year’s hosts, Kenton group, for devising a wonderful quiz and for taking on the marking!  

The new online answer sheet submission for this year has worked very well and the majority of groups found it easy to use. Thanks to the son of a Kenton member for setting this up.

Congratulations to this year’s winners

DURHAM CITY NWR for the group prize

Andrea Gohil for the Clue Holder prize

Out of the 262 groups who took part, 87 groups got all the answers correct. Click HERE to see if your group was one of them!

This is what some of you had to say…
“We would like to pass on our thanks to Kenton for a really excellent quiz last week -the questions were a lovely balance of difficulty, and we thoroughly enjoyed our evening. They should be congratulated.”

“Feedback to TTT organising group – it was brilliant. Thank you so much, a good fun evening was had by our group on Tuesday, plus an interesting chat with many groups as a clue holder on Wednesday.”
“Thank you Kenton and the Monday Clue holders: we enjoyed the TTT last night: three of us clue-holding tonight, tomorrow and Thursday for others to have fun too!”

“I had 40 calls, 33 of them in the first hour and the other 7 fairly soon afterwards.  Some familiar voices and a lot of laughter in the background.”
“We had a fun evening – thank you to all the patient clue holders. We got stuck on a couple though.” “Well that was a great night clue holding! 52 calls from all over the place, some familiar voices and lots of repeat calls.”
“Thank you Kenton group for a super quiz evening and thank you clue holders.”

“Well done to those who set the questions, it made us think but not despair!”

The Telephone Treasure Trail is NWR’s popular annual telephone quiz, you’ll be sure to have a night of fun! The quiz takes place over four evenings in November with a maximum of 100 groups taking part each evening.

Winners will be announced as soon as the entries are marked and verified! 
It takes a few days for the host group to collate all the answers and to complete the marking process which will be done over several nights.  We will post the winner on the website after notifying them.

The NWR held its first Telephone Treasure Trail in 1995.  231 groups took part in that first TTT, and it was so successful it turned into an annual event; one of the most popular in the NWR calendar.  Now, 28 years on, over 262 groups will be getting ready to take part in the 2023 quiz. 

As well as taking part in the quiz, groups also provide ‘clue holders’, who are allocated one clue and answer each and will have up to 100 groups calling them to check if their answer is correct, and to be given their next clue. 

Each group attempts to answer a block of 20 clues plus a compulsory web clue.  This aspect of the quiz gives groups a chance to speak to other NWR members all over the country, which enhances the fun and ‘national’ feel of the quiz.

Each year there is a different hidden ‘theme’ for the quiz which becomes apparent as clues are solved – over the years themes have ranged from parts of the body to capital cities.