Our trustees give up their time freely to support NWR’s development and growth for the benefit of all members. The trustees are available to all members and employees for support and advice, and can be contacted via the National Office. Trustees stand for re-election every four years.

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Trustee vacancy 2022

We are looking for a new trustee to join the Board of five trustees who provide governance for NWR.

Josephine Burt

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Until becoming a trustee I would describe myself as an intermittent member of NWR.

I first joined NWR in Leighton Buzzard in 1978 when I was expecting my first daughter, I then moved to Ringwood and joined the Wimborne group. I am founding member of the Ringwood group that set up in 2015.

NWR has provided me with lasting friendships, great support and stimulating discussions, as well as lots of fun over the years.

I have valued being able dip in and out of NWR membership as the demands of family, work and study sometimes took over.

My background is developing and managing a variety of libraries, including marketing aspects, and most recently, I worked for The Open University Library Service. I am also an OU graduate and postgraduate, and for my MBA I asked to observe a NWR trustee meeting, which led to me being co-opted as a trustee.

I am currently chair of the Board of Trustees, and I thoroughly enjoy being involved in the governance of NWR. Developing a national organisation is a continuous learning curve, and I am lucky to work alongside a team of committed trustees and inspiring and hard-working staff. My aim is to guide the charity through the changing times so that it remains relevant to all women for the future. As part of this I continue to seek opportunities to extend my networks and was recently on the advisory group for the Beacon training programme for new chairs run by the Association of Chairs.

Alongside NWR, my interests are travel, gardening, fitness, bridge, cooking, reading and seeing family and friends. I love the variety of NWR activities both locally and nationally and am proud to be a member.

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Elected as trustee:

2014 (co-opted in 2013)


July 2015

Ann Fox


I was invited to my first National Housewives’ Register meeting with the Bridge of Weir group in 1982, when we moved to Renfrewshire. It was lovely to be made so welcome, and meet so many people, especially as I knew no-one and had never even been to Scotland before. I was in my late 20s, with a toddler, and was quite shy and lacking in confidence.

Three years later, after having my second child, my daughter was just ten days old when I took her in a carrycot to an NWR meeting at a neighbour’s house. It was so good to feel ‘me’ again, and not only a wife and mum!

When we moved to Hampshire, I joined the Boscombe group for 12 months before we moved again, to a village near Peterborough. I knew no-one in the area and had contacted the Local Organiser of the Deepings group before we moved to ask about schools, the local community and facilities, knowing I would receive helpful information and support. NWR has given me the opportunity to meet people and make friends quickly whenever I have moved, and this is something I really value.

I’ve always been passionate about NWR. It’s given me so much, in confidence and good friends, and by becoming a trustee I hope to payback just a little of what it’s given me.

Now, I’ve been a member of the Deepings group for 35 years and I love it. NWR is still a place for ‘me’ time, offering stimulating conversations and lots of fun.

Apart from attending NWR meetings and events, I enjoy visiting art galleries, the theatre and cinema, and attending gym classes.

I previously worked within the NHS as a Clinical Audit & Governance Facilitator and have applied some of my professional knowledge to preparing surveys for NWR members and recruiting staff. I’ve always been passionate about NWR. It’s given me so much, in confidence and good friends, and by becoming a trustee I hope to payback just a little of what it’s given me.

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Jan Fuller


Like many members, I joined NWR when my five children were small and my husband’s job took our family to different parts of the country every few years.

When we moved to Lincolnshire, finding a new group to join was a priority for me, and The Deepings group did not disappoint! I found the same lively minded and enthusiastic women as I had in my first group, who welcomed me with friendship, support and stimulation. When I returned to paid work, I found NWR just as important to me as an activity that was mine and representative of my interests.

Local group meetings, and area and national conferences sustained me over those years of house moves and family upheaval.

My local group, The Deepings, has been particularly active in organising several day conferences, as well being part of the committees for the annual conferences in Nottingham and Lincoln. There is always something to get involved in and have fun on the way. I enjoy lively meetings, especially the ones where I have limited subject knowledge, always coming away with some new learned information.

Away from NWR I love restoring and upcycling neglected furniture, (partly because I can’t bear to throw anything away), I love the sense of achievement it brings.

Being very recently retired, and luckily in good health, I was expecting to do lots of travel in 2020/21, however so many plans abandoned now means we have lots to plan for in 2022/23.

I have applied my professional experience as a business analyst to supporting NWR as a trustee, through composing member surveys and writing handbooks for local organisers  and those starting-up new groups.

As a trustee, I enjoy playing my part in setting the course for the organisation going forward. Like all the trustees and staff, I take my role in supporting such a vital organisation very seriously. I feel that the most important asset I can bring to NWR is my enthusiasm and commitment to the NWR of the future.

I have been a member of NWR for over 30 years, and the organisation still excites me.

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Jennifer Johnson


I joined the National Housewives’ Register (a forerunner organisation of NWR) in 1975 in Carlisle. I was new to the city and had recently had a baby so was delighted to find a group of women who were interested and engaged with lots of things that were not of a domestic nature I became good friends with many in the Group.

As a family we moved around quite a bit from the North of England to the South and Hong Kong, where surprisingly I found a thriving NWR group. We ultimately came to Lincolnshire in 1990 when I became a member of the Sudbrooke group where I have continued to be a member for the last 31 years.

NWR members have always been is a source of support, advice and friendship particularly when I have moved to a new place where I have no contacts at all. Welcome and support as well as opportunities for stimulating discussion have always been key features of NWR. These are very important to me.

I am now retired but prior to this I worked for the majority of my career in education. This was very fulfilling.

As a trustee, I have a responsibility for our annual Mary Stott Award. It is always a delightful task to be able to present our prize to one of the amazing women we have as members.

I have some knowledge of Human Resource Management and as a Trustee I can offer some advice or pointers in matters relating to employment. We do however have access to external professional Human Resource practitioners.

Apart from my involvement in NWR I enjoy travel and going to the gym where I take various classes – not working out with lots of different equipment.

I enjoy supporting NWR because throughout my life it has supported me and I want to do my bit to ensure NWR continues to move forward as a strong force into our ‘brave new world’.

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Elected as trustee:

2016, extended 2020

Gill Wignall


I first joined NWR in 1984, soon after the birth of our twin boys. It gave me the opportunity to escape from baby talk, to enjoy stimulating discussions and social events, to make new friends and to be me, not just someone’s wife or mother. We started a new NWR group in Winchcombe, encouraged by someone who was already a member of NWR.  

Four years later, we were on the move again and, luckily, I found an NWR group locally, in Epworth. It helped us to make friends and settle into our new home very quickly, as being a member of NWR helps you to become part of a local community.  

I became an independent member when we moved abroad, although I did go along to an NWR group in Luxembourg for a while – but then we moved again! On returning to the UK, I stayed an independent member, and have enjoyed catching up with old friends and making new ones at our annual conferences and area meetings.

I’ve met many of my closest friends through NWR, and in a lively and stimulating environment.**

After a career in librarianship, I am happily retired, but keep busy and involved in various groups and charities. I enjoy reading, crafting and anything to do with food and travel. Women’s groups have always been important to me and I also belong to the Humberside International Women’s Club. It is fascinating to meet women who have lived and worked all over the world. 

For me, the great thing about NWR, is that it is a national organisation. When you move around, it enables you to connect with local members – and you know they’ll be a lively group of women! I’ve made many friends through NWR, enjoying good discussions, quizzes, theatre trips and meals together, in a lively and stimulating environment. 

I became a Trustee in 2018, because as an independent member, I wanted to try to represent their interests and try to increase the benefits available to them. I also thought it would be an interesting challenge – and it is. 

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