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NWR Coco Chanel – Her Life, Loves and Lies with Steve Herra

Steve Herra is back to talk to us about the interesting life of Coco Chanel.

 ·       What name was entered on the birth certificate of Gabrielle Chanel?

·        How did she acquire the name Coco?

·        Who described her singing voice as that of a crow?

·        Who was the true love of Coco? Did they marry?

·        Why was one of Coco’s lovers deported from Russia?

·        How many ingredients are there in the fragrance Chanel No.5?

·        How did a famous Hollywood actor decorate his garden to welcome Coco?

·        Why did Coco have to alter the costumes of Gloria Swanson?

·        Who was rumoured to have had a hand in her release from prison?

·        What was Coco’s response when asked if she consorted with a German Officer?