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NWR National Event: Marion Molteno … in conversation with Merilyn Brason

7.00 pm – 8.30 pm

Our patron, Marion will be interviewing Merilyn who has written a book inspired by true life events. They will discuss what it feels like to find diaries and notes left by loved-ones, revealing their unknown inner lives – and how do you turn that into a story for others to read? 

Marion will be in conversation with Merilyn Brason, author of ‘The Bamboo Bracelet: A true Story’.

Merilyn Brason’s parents survived four years in Japanese internment camps in the Philippines during World War II. Her older sister was born there. A lifetime later, Merilyn uncovered her mother’s detailed notes of her experiences, and began to research to learn more. This moving personal story reads like a novel, but is a true reconstruction of historical events, and a tribute to the internees’ extraordinary resilience.