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NWR The Art of the Seaside with Margaret Mills

Although some people in the 18th and 19th centuries thought that ‘those vile sea breezes’ would damage their complexions, the British seaside was originally promoted as a place where those suffering from an ailment of some kind could visit to try to recover their health.  By the Edwardian age, things had changed and medical advances meant that more people were visiting for fun and entertainments than for health reasons.  Add to this the fact that as an island we have long historical connections with ships, seafarers’ and the sea, and it’s hardly surprising that artists have capitalised on our love affair with the seaside.

If the thought of seaside holidays in Britain make you feel nostalgic, then you might well enjoy this talk.  We look at some artists who have been influenced by the seaside, including some poster artists whose work is very collectable today.  As an island, Britain has enjoyed a very special relationship with the seaside.  We will consider what paintings artists such as J.M.W. Turner and Paul Nash were inspired to produce, and at the popularity of colourful railway posters extolling the virtues of a trip to the seaside.