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NWR The Road Hill House Murder with Margaret Mills

The detective branch of the Metropolitan Police was still a fairly new body of men when they were called upon to help solve a murder that both horrified and fascinated the British public, and caused a media frenzy evidenced by the newspapers of the time.  This was in 1860 and the case became one of the Victorian era’s most intriguing murder mysteries – parts of which are still unsolved to this day.  What shocked the Victorian public most were the secrets and lies in an outwardly respectable Victorian home where the murder occurred, and the fact that the victim was a child.  The public were alarmed at how an outwardly respectable family could conceal so many secrets.  

The case also turned many of the British population into amateur detectives and popularised the use of detectives in the literature of the time. Charles Dickens, amongst other novelists, was one who took advantage of the public interest in the work of these professional detectives, modelling some of his characters on them.