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Customer Reviews

Our lively-minded members are interested in everything and talk about anything! Read some of their reviews here.

As a member of the marvellous Deepings NWR group and a regular participator in the regional and national events – I wholeheartedly recommend this organisation for other women. I have found lasting friendships and had experiences, conversations and found new interests. We are lively minded women who enjoy coming together to discuss as well as eat, read, Zoom, walk and talk.

Julie Berry

NWR has been and still is a great source of friendship and support. The local meetings are a great opportunity to meet like minded women and get those ‘little grey cells’ working. With a wide range of subjects covered and walks and speakers included in the modest membership subscription it’s great value for money. The area, regional and national day conferences are a great chance to travel a little further from home and meet even more friends.

Jill Lucas

I was invited to a group meeting – and I was hooked – such a welcome from everyone. I enjoy the outings, quiz nights, local group meetings, meetings with other groups, and regional and national conferences.

Janet Lyons

Without NWR emails, Zoom and garden meetings my life would have been very lonely during lockdowns.

Sheila Warren

NWR saved my life. In a new town, with two small children, joining NWR was like having a new family. I am not sure what I would have done without NWR.

Carol Colledge

National Women’s Register is an organisation for all women.

Formed in 1960, NWR is a registered charity operating throughout the UK and beyond. We are a social organisation and our style is informal and relaxed. Local groups and online meetings offer conversation, friendship and fun for all women, everywhere. There really is something for everyone at NWR!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

The National Women’s Register (NWR) is an organisation for all women across the UK. We bring lively-minded women together for discussion, events and friendship both in-person and online. In-person groups are coordinated by Local Organisers (LOs) and members meet in each others houses, coffee shops and halls.

How much does it cost to join?

The annual membership fee is £32.

Do I have to join a local group?

No! You can choose to become an Independent Member, a flexible option allowing you to access all the wonderful content NWR has to offer without having to join a group. If you decide that you‘d like to attend some group meetings at some point, this can also be arranged.

What type of events do you offer?

Fun and educational regional events, workshops and excursions are arranged by Area and Local Organisers for their groups. Recently, groups have tried their hand at Indian Chair Dancing, pottery painting and murder mystery plays – to name just a few! Larger national events such as the National Conference, Telephone Treasure Trail and The NWR Walk are arranged by the National Office and are supported by NWR volunteers. We host regular online talks & conferences with some truly inspirational speakers.

How many members are there?

We have approximately 5000 members and over 300 local groups across the UK.

What if there is not a group in my area?

If there isn’t an established group in your area, you could become an Independent Member or choose to be the founder member of a brand new group!