Managing larger groups

NWR groups come in all shapes and sizes, but will need to be managed differently depending on their size. If a group is growing it can sometimes be difficult adapting to the change, but will always be worth it!

Here are some ideas from LOs of larger groups.
– Meet more frequently, this may result in smaller groups as it is unlikely everyone will be able to make all meetings
– Start sub-groups for those with similar interests
– Hold discussions in break-out groups and come together at the end to share what you discussed.
– Repeat the meeting, for example meet in the day time and the evening of the same day
– If there are too many to fit in members houses, opt to meet in a quiet corner of a local pub or cafe, or hire a village hall. One member told us how they let their LO know if they will be attending the meeting, if there are too many to fit in the host’s house they swap to a larger house for that meeting.
– Some groups decide to split into smaller groups who would come together for bigger events.