If you are looking at this website, it must mean that you are thinking about joining us. We are an established group of some 20 years standing and enjoy the easy friendship that exists between our Members. There are 18 of us in Membership but unless its an Eating Evening where we all bring a dish to share, we are rarely over 10 at any one evening. Although we are called Bridge of Don, some of us have moved and others have joined, so we are spread over a wide area in and around Aberdeen from Portlethen to Newburgh, Newmachar(ish) and Bridge of Don. The format of the programme planning changed this season. Hosts’ names and allocated dates are published by email at the start of each season and the host choses the subject which is circulated the week before a meeting and will remind Members to confirm their planned attendance. So far, it is working well. As Local Organiser, if I see/hear something that might be a suitable topic I will let the host know, but she is free to ignore it if she has thought of something else. Ad Hoc cinema and concert visits also happen. Plus, we have a Book Group. At the end of a Book Group meeting, the next Host will announce her choice of book which we will discuss six weeks later at her home.

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