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Local Organiser
Joan Cohen
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Local Organiser
Janet Smith

The Dronfield Group of the National Women Register has been operating for over forty years. We are proud to say we still have some of our first members and are delighted to welcome new members.

Our group has a varied programme of events that we plan to cover many diverse topics, both lighthearted and serious.

We always participate in the National Telephone Trail and the National Theme and Country of the Year.

Attending the National A.G.M. is an excellent opportunity to mingle with members from all over the country and to meet up with former Dronfield members who have moved to different areas.

Our meetings are held in members’ homes, and members can volunteer to host or chair a session. Each member can also contribute to the topic and the discussion which follows.

Our meetings are split into five categories.

  1. Evening meetings are held every two weeks, rotating from Monday to Thursday, starting at 7.30 p.m.
  2. A daytime meeting is held once a month on Monday. It can be in the morning or afternoon, depending on who volunteers to lead the meeting. In the summer, exploring an exciting venue can be a day out.
  3. Book Group is held once a month in the evening.
  4. Lunch Club is held on the first Friday of each month.
  5. Walking group held on the last Sunday of the month

Please take a look at the Dronfield National Women’s Website and come and join us.

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