Local Organiser
Local Organiser
Brenda Evans

The Earley Group started over 40 years ago and has continued to hold interesting meetings, while the members and the size of the group have varied over the years. At the moment we have eight committed members, most of whom have been in this group, or other NWR groups elsewhere, for many years. A sociable group, we welcome new members.

Meetings take place on Fridays and  could be a discussion on a prepared topic, an outing, a quiz… depending on the programme at that time. We have a Planning meeting every six months or so to decide on the topics. During Covid we held all meetings on Zoom in the evening, and met every week, but we now meet every other week at a local venue in the morning, or on Zoom in the evening, depending on the topic or the availability of the members. We have a WhatsAp group and arrange ad hoc walks in between these meetings for those who are available, weather permitting! As a small group we are fairly flexible. When weather and season permit we meet in members’ gardens.

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