We are a friendly group who meet once a month on a weekday evening for informal discussions in our houses (but there is no obligation to host). We area busy and active bunch aged in our 50s through to our 70s and are always welcoming to new members.

We are never short of something to talk about – particularly events in the news. We laugh a lot! We enjoy food events and the occasional daytime trip outside of regular meetings.  Typical discussion topics are ‘Is the Royal Family institutionally racist?’; ‘Philanthropists – modern or historical’ (Research); ‘Woke – just what is it now?’; ‘Guess The Year’.  Upcoming – ‘AI’; Talk on the ‘Kindertransport’; ‘The Purpose and Role of Charity in Society’ and we always have time for a general chat.

We also have a coffee morning at a local cafe once a week for anyone who is free to come along.  Bookworms, our reading group meets once a month on a weekday evening.

If you’d like to find out more about us please click on the button above to get in touch.

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