Would you like to meet new people…

Are you interested in finding out new things…

Do you like discussing issues of the day?

…then NWR may be the organisation for you.

Warwick and Leamington Spa Group is a long-standing, friendly group with a varied programme of discussion meetings and activities.

Our meetings are mostly in the evenings in members’ homes every 2-3 weeks during school term-time. We have been trialling day-time meetings in the mix and, now we know how to do it, there are occasional Zoom meetings too!

The Group has become quite small because of life events (12 members, mostly retired) and we would like to attract some new and some younger members. Our meeting attendance is usually around 6 – 8.

We have several satellite groups (Reading Group and a Lunch Group) and this year we plan to get together for walking and purely social activities over coffee etc.

As ‘lively-minded women’ we are all very actively involved outside NWR – with our families, extensive travel/holidays, music, art, volunteering, charities etc; all have a lot to contribute to discussion.

We take part in NWR regional and national events from time to time, combining forces so we can share transport and accommodation as required.

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