10,000 meetings a year

Group meetings are the heart of NWR and an amazing 10,000 are held each year – at least! That is an incredible amount of discussion, chat, research, learning, fun and laughter. 


Most groups plan their programmes for six or twelve months at a time, with a good mix of serious and not so serious subjects, outings, speakers and social events to interest everyone. 

Where to get ideas?

There are always such inventive new ideas on the programming planning forums (on Facebook or on the members forum on this website). How about  an evening discussing ‘fake news’,  or using TED talks to start a discussion or what about creating your own profile for internet dating and guessing which member it describes?   

One group invited a Brazilian drumming band to explore this year’s theme country – Brazil – while another group’s exchanges were aided by caipirinhas (a Brazilian cocktail), a selection of Brazilian foods and hearing about the origins of a ‘Brazillian’!

Why not go along to an area event? At the 14 area events held across the UK in 2016, topics such as faith, the environment and the Silk Road were explored. The area events are arranged by groups working together. 

As a result of your views in the membership survey, new regional events were also instigated last year. So far these have been held in London and Edinburgh, but the programme is out for Cardiff in May, with Cambridge and Liverpool to come in the autumn. So far over 1500 members have been involved in the regional events and some non-members have also attended.

Our key annual event is the National Conference in June, which is held in a different location across the UK every year. This year we are in Lincoln and over 220 members have already booked – so get your form in quickly for this unmissable event!  

Make the most of your membership

I love meeting members who are attending their first event outside of their local group. Invariably they thoroughly enjoy meeting other members and the talks and discussion. So make the most of your membership and join us.

Josephine Burt, April 2017


Image is of Salisbury Area Event, Making the World a Better Place