Viewing the Govan Stones

On a bright but very chilly autumn day a small group of us met for lunch before visiting Govan Old Parish Church in Glasgow to view the Govan Stones. This church building (now functioning as a local heritage museum) boasts as having the oldest churchyard in Scotland and is one of Glasgow’s most historic sites dating back at least 1500 years. The group were able to view an impressive collection of early medieval sculptures as found anywhere in Europe (for free) – donations were welcomed though. Every single carved stone on display had lain in Govan Old Parish churchyard for over 1,000 years. Guided around the exhibition by our very knowledge guide, the group learnt about how the Govan area of Glasgow now sits within what used to be the ancient Scottish kingdom of Strathclyde. This period predates the nation of Scotland and harks back to a time when local warlords battled for control across the British Isles; when Viking longboats visited this area sailing from Ireland to cause mayhem and destruction. Eventually some of the Viking invaders settled in this area and started to become integrated into the local community.

Carved coffin with Celtic designs c9-11AD

Viewing the Hogback Viking Stones

Viewing the Viking Hogback Stones