A Murder Mystery!! Newspaper magnate Harold Kane found dead on board cruise ship

RMS Titania docked in Liverpool following a successful Caribbean cruise.  Some of the esteemed guests were on board for a farewell dinner at Captain Davy Jones’ table when Kane’s body was found.  The DCI in charge of the case has said this was no accident, Kane was shot through the heart.

The guests are helping the DCI with their inquiries. Sources have indicated that those on board at the time all have a strong motive for wanting this man dead.  Kane always looked for someone to dish the dirt on.

Speculation is rife.  Was it the grieving heiress, Davina Wide-Eyed, whose parents died in a terrible accident? Kane published malicious rumours about them.  What about Amelia Diehard riding high as the world famous author of a book about her worldwide adventures?  Kane had his suspicions that this was all fabricated. Apart from this cruise, Amelia had travelled no further than a snail in her English village cottage garden.

It has been alleged that Alice Ace Wildcard, the tennis prodigy, adopted at birth, is without doubt the result of a liaison between Kane and aging actress Barbara Swansong who was also on board.  He had forced Barbara to give up her baby and then disowned them both. Did they conspire together?

Bill Texas Holdem had made his fortune at cards and Kane owed him a substantial sum of money. Could it be him? He certainly had the means with his many guns and excellent shooting skills.

Finally, Lord Algernon Russell had set his sights on Davina the heiress as a potential wife.  Kane knew that Russell’s stately home was in danger of becoming a pile of bricks if he did not bag a suitable heiress to salvage his spendthrift lifestyle.

The mystery remains and other guests including Bill Millions and Lady Sophia West continue to give evidence to help solve the case.