Bristol Slave Trade Walk – Wednesday 10 August

We had a superb walk around Bristol following the Bristol Slave Trade Walk on Wednesday 10 August. It was a lovely and informative day. A comprehensive brochure of the walk can be found in the foyer of the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery on Park Street with all the other leaflets. Rather bizzarely, you can pay a £1 and get a less informative version in the shop. There is also a bristol slave trade walk that I found on the BBC Bristol site, but it is not as informative as the one in the Museum, BBC Bristol Slave Trade Walk.

The Seven Stars Pub is a significant landmark to abolotion. Here, in 1787, Thomas Clarkson stayed in order to gather evidence of the slave trade for his friend, William Wilberforce.

A big thank you to Catherine for orgnanising and leading the walk.