Can You Tell The Difference?

Last week we held a blind tasting evening (we think the original idea came from the NWR Programme Planning private fb page!).

Although enjoyable, the meeting proved trickier than anticipated to organise and if we carried out a further one we would make at least a couple of changes for the format.

Generally we did not agree on very much at all! One woman’s Brussels Pâté is another woman’s poison as the saying goes. Some favoured more items from Aldi than M&S but for others it was the more expensive reverse.

We sampled nosecco (lots of drivers hence non-alcoholic prosecco), pâté, houmous, crisps, water biscuits, ginger biscuits, cheese scones, coleslaw, strawberries and fresh orange juice.

According to WHICH the following list shows, by supermarket, the price paid for 69 own-label products during May 2024.

It was a very enjoyable and social evening which will probably be repeated in the future with certain changes made to the format. To echo a very old advert – could we tell ‘talk’ from ‘mutter‘? Well there was certainly lots of chat before, after and also in between the quite mutterings heard during the tastings!