Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024

On Friday 8 March Kilbarchan members met to celebrate International Women’s Day and help to inspire inclusion. The lives and achievements of several notable women were discussed and a glass of non- alcoholic fizz was raised to their memory. These included: Rosalind Franklin, a very talented scientist whose work contributed to the discovery of DNA and the benefits this brings to criminal, scientific and medical advancements. However, she is rarely credited for her work. Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg who worked tirelessly to promote civil rights and gender equality aiming to ensure that gender discrimination was given the same profile as racial discrimination in America. She was also an early supported of LGBTQ+ rights. Dr Adele Patrick, a leading Scottish barrister who is a champion of civil liberties and human rights. She is a co-founder of the Scottish Women’s Library which is the only Accredited Museum in the UK dedicated to women’s lives, histories and achievements. Baroness Helena Kennedy, a leading Scottish barrister, broadcaster and member of the House of Lords who attended the same school as one of our members. The Mother of one of our members who had arrived in the UK as a part of the Kindertransport scheme that relocated Jewish young people and children from Germany during WW2. We learnt that she went on to live a happy, successful and fulfilled life that was positive and forward looking – a very inspiring woman. Mary Barbour, a Kilbarchan born woman who’s achievements were remarkable for a ‘working class’ woman in the early 20th century. She became politically active and played a key role in the 1915 Glasgow rent strike and organised eviction resistance. She also launched the Women’s Peace Crusade in 1916 and was the first woman Local Cllr in her Glasgow ward. She dedicated her life to the welfare of women and children. Long before the NHS she was committed to the provision of health and welfare services for all her working class constituents. A remarkable and inspiring woman. And, lastly, ourselves! A member proposed that we don’t take the time to appreciate each other and that we all had differing personal attributes and personalities. These should be celebrated as we all enriched the life of our group. Everyone agreed that it was a lovely way to celebrate IWD 2024.

Happy International Women’s Day 2024