Helena Graham


I am a retired Civil Servant who worked as a Human Resources specialist for most of my career. I have two children and five grandchildren and enjoy all the usual family activities as well as reading (I belong to three book groups), Tai Chi, cooking, and eating.

I first joined the National Housewives Register in 1985 but moved in 1988 and didn’t catch up with NWR again until about 1994 when I joined the Dartford group. I moved again in 1998 but continued to belong to Dartford group while also setting up a new Sevenoaks group with the help of several enthusiastic members. I moved much further away in 2010 and joined Wokingham 3 group: when the Wokingham groups became oversubscribed I helped set up a new group, Wokingham Forest, and now continue to belong very happily to both. 

Member of: 
Wokingham NWR

NWR member since: 
1985 (NHR)