Chester member becomes Sheriff

Alex Tate, a member of Chester Grosvenor NWR, was recently installed as the Sheriff of Chester, an ancient office dating back 900 years. We are very proud of her!

I was delighted to be elected as Sheriff of Chester for 2024-2025 and for the position to be featured in the NWR publication as I have been a member for many years.

The wife of the previous male Sheriff was termed the Sheriff’s lady, as  I am a female Sheriff, my husband is termed my Consort.

Chester celebrated the 900th anniversary of the Sheriffs of Chester in 2021 as the first clear record was in 1121 when the Earl of Chester instituted the first Sheriff as a useful, traditional means of governing the city.

The sheriffs had their own base in a building called the Pentice court which still meets for the election of Freemen of the City. Shreival responsibilities became less prestigious over time, mainly confined to policing, some court duties and the collection of fines and local dues. However, until 1823, they were increasingly required to undertake the distasteful task of executing criminals.

Thankfully, the Sheriff of Chester’s role is now purely ceremonial with an echo of earlier judicial duties when joining the High Sheriff of Cheshire in hosting the annual Legal Service in Chester Cathedral to mark the beginning of each Legal Year.

Alex Tate (Sheriff of Chester)