Christmas Colouring Competition 2015

Our Christman Colouring Competion 2015 was ‘WIN a colouring experience worth £25!’

The winner received colouring books and a complete colouring kit – including metallic pencils.

Participants were asked to read our Crazy about colouring blog post, then, in no more than 28 words, explain how they would benefit from winning this colouring prize.

There was only one prize but due to the amazing quality of the entries some special colouring prizes were also awarded to two very deserving ‘runners-up’.


Christine Brett, NWR Seaford 

‘It hurts too much to knit and stitch but colouring pencils scratch my itch, to colour, blend and still my brain, they stop me thinking about the pain.’


Pat Wood, NWR Shirley

‘I would benefit from this beautiful prize by sharing it with my very sick friend who would enjoy colouring whilst recovering from a double mastectomy.’

Pam Jones, NWR Alton 

‘I would use my prize to help adults with mental health issues as I know, from past experience, they find colouring therapeutic….. my reward is seeing them relax.’