Dressing Up for Fun and Friendship

Dressing up? Oh yes, we did!

At their penultimate meeting of 2022 Long Melford and District NWR members welcomed the start of the festive season with an impromptu panto performance of Cinderella. The group entered into the spirit of the occasion with gusto, using an abridged script which included key elements of the story and the basic props, wigs and hats provided for the occasion. Members concluded the meeting with a discussion on the traditions of pantomime and some of the impressive productions they had seen over the years.

Previously, for a Halloween-themed meeting members raided their cupboards and their bookshelves for suitably creepy attire and an extract from a ghoulish story to read aloud. A great variety of macabre and ghostly material by acclaimed authors, including Angela Carter and Edgar Allan Poe was shared. The literary horror was balanced with a series of corny jokes, a couple of light-hearted poems, and some delicious Halloween snacks.