In memory of Linda Brown

22 December 1943 – 10th December 2022

Linda, a primary school teacher, was one of the founder members of Edenbridge NWR in 1975 alongside other like-minded ladies who had just moved into new houses in the town. She remained a committed member, acting as LO several times, and taking part in as many of our group’s activities as she could, right up until she passed away unexpectedly in December last year.

Linda was an avid reader and member of our book club. As a long-time member of the local library, she would often secure multiple copies of a chosen publication for members to read. Through her role as a volunteer at the local Oxfam shop, she would also find second hand copies of topical books to share with others.

Linda was incredibly proud of her Welsh heritage and could be relied upon to bring something about Wales into most of our discussions whenever she could, especially if she could touch upon her passion for the Welsh rugby team!

Linda played a very active role in the wider community of Edenbridge, being an ardent volunteer and a member of many organisations, willingly taking her turn as committee member or organiser. She is sorely missed by the many people whose lives she touched. Our NWR group continues to offer friendship and support to her husband, Geoff, as he comes to terms with his loss.