I’ve had it!

I’ve had it! 

A year ago, if you said, ’I’ve had it’ people, presuming that you had contracted COVID 19, would have commiserated with you! But thankfully now they will congratulate you on having had your second inoculation. 

The first of April 2021 has become a very special day for me. Doubly so. I sang my mam’s song:  ‘This is My Lovely Day’ 

On Maundy Thursday 1995 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Every year since the Easter Tritium brought back memories of the fear I experienced on that day. However, from now on I will be singing:

‘This is the day I shall remember the day I am dying

They can’t take this away…’

They can’t take this away

It will be always mine, the sun and the wine

The sea birds crying ‘

THIS IS MY LOVELY DAY From the London Musical “Bless The Bride” (1947) ( Music: Vivian Ellis / Lyrics: A. P. Herbert) Lizbeth Webb & Georges Guetary …