January Book Group

NWR Beverley’s Book Group is not like others where the same book is read by all, instead we enjoy sharing with each other our opinions on the books we have read during the last month. Each month the member who’s turn it is too ‘Buy the Books’ choses four new books to share and gives a brief overview of the books and why they have chosen them. Over the last few months two ‘Big Read” books have been purchased and are now being enjoyed by members. So far I have personally loved ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ and ‘Mad Honey’ very different books both of which I have thoroughly enjoyed and recommended to other book group member. Meeting in each others homes, running as a lending library members can choose as many books to take home as they like without pressure to read them all. Over the years I have been introduced to many new authors I may never have chosen and doing this while enjoying a cuppa with friends discussing one of my favourite topics reading.