June visit to London

First stop was the Sky Garden with magnificent 360° views of the City. 

We then visited Superbloom, The Queen’s Garden in the Tower of London created to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.  The garden design was inspired by the Queen’s coronation dress, with it’s rich fabrics and exquisite embroidery.

The moat was dug in the 1270s and flooded with water to protect the Tower of London from attack.  Over time the water became a health hazard and was drained and grassed over in 1845.

Since then it has been used for training soldiers, growing vegetables and to celebrate Royal jubilees.  Tower residents have played bowls and football here, and walked their dogs  cats and even rabbits in the moat.  Now it has a new lease of life, it is open and flooded with flowers.

After lunch we visited another roof top garden at 120 Fenchurch Street.  Each garden was totally different, we were blessed with perfect weather and it was a relaxing and enjoyable day.