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Mercer Gallery exhibitions and lunch in Harrogate

Yesterday 5 of us visited two new exhibitions at this lovely gallery:

Now You See Me – faces and bodies from Harrogate’s Art Collection

The great variety of portraits displayed here date from 1588 to the present. Visitors are invited to consider ‘what do the faces of power, wealth, beauty or morality look like? Have our ideals changed over time? What impact does gender and ethnicity of the artist, the owner and sitter have on how these ideals are portrayed?’

With Nature and a Camera: Cherry Kearton and the birth of Wildlife Documentary

Pioneering wildlife photographer Cherry Kearton (1871-1940) along with his brother Richard went to extraordinary lengths to capture images of wildlife undisturbed in their natural habitats. These important images, early inspiration for Sir David Attenborough, are displayed alongside description of how each had been achieved using highly creative (and sometimes very risky!) modes of camouflage. Right click this link to view more information and some of Kearton’s photographs:


After a very stimulating morning we enjoyed a leisurely lunch at Starling.