North Ascot Group 2024

We continue to enjoy our fortnightly meetings as well as the extra bonus of socialising with each other for coffee and tea at local tea and coffee shops. We have changed our modus operandi a little having found a delightful, cosy village centre to meet as well as using our members homes, but in the afternoons now instead of evenings. Although it served us well during Covid, we find it useful to have the occasional evening Zoom meeting on our programme.

Out and about one afternoon in January we visited the lovely Chertsey Museum whose home is a in a fine Regency town house which offered us the opportunity to see The Olive Matthews Collection, rich in decorative art items and currently showing the clothes and accessories from the 1940s.

We have met to discuss iconic modern architecture across the world. Some buildings we had seen or visited whilst globe trotting ourselves and we have also had a lively meeting with our weather experiences when our subject was The Centenary of the Shipping Forecast.

The local organisers are currently preparing the programme for the second half of 2024 but there is a lot to look forward to over the coming months too.

Linda Fulham (Local Organiser)