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Joyce Batey


I first became a member of Crosby NWR upon returning from a year abroad in Illinois, US. My young family were demanding but seeking something that would exercise the grey matter, NWR found me through friends network and have been a member for over 30 years.

I have learnt the joys that local membership can bring; been local organiser several times, helped organise events, joint group meetings, and organised speakers; the full gambit! However, I only attended my first AGM in Birmingham last year, where it brought home to me the wider benefits of belonging to such a wonderful national organisation.

As well as an interesting experience, it motivated me to sign up to be the Area Organiser for NW03; a role that had been vacant for some time and it offered me a chance to give something back to the organisation.

Apart from the joys of being more involved, I am also looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead of me. The eight groups in the area are spread across the North West, from Crosby to Southport and from Ormskirk to St. Helens. Our Crosby Group has enjoyed a growing and enthusiastic membership, such growth that necessitated us setting up a new group ‘Burbo Bank’ to accommodate our new members. I hope I can bring something to existing groups as well as reaching out to women who do not know about NWR and whose social needs I know could be met by NWR membership, if only they knew about us!.

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