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Notice of Annual General Meeting

In accordance with the Memorandum and Articles of Association, notice is hereby given that the next Annual General Meeting of the National Women’s Register is to be held on:

Saturday 11 September 2021 at 10.15 am.

The AGM will be hosted virtually via Zoom, as well as in person at our 2021 annual conference, and members wishing to attend via Zoom or in person may register to attend HERE.

Members attending the national conference do not need to register to attend the AGM.

Copies of the AGM Agenda, Annual Report and Accounts for 2020, the draft Minutes of the 2020 AGM and the Special Resolution are available on request to the National Office team at [email protected].

The trustees and the staff of NWR aim to give comprehensive answers to all questions presented at the AGM, but in the interests of meeting efficiency and effectiveness, you are invited to submit questions in advance of the AGM to the National Office team at [email protected] (or NWR, Unit 31, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Ermine Street, Buntingford, Hertfordshire SG9 9AZ), and no later than 27 August. We will accept questions in writing or by email. Anonymous questions will not be accepted.

Please note that as questions will be invited from AGM attendees following the presentation of each section of the Annual Report and Accounts for 2020 at the meeting, the agenda does not include Any Other Business.

Josephine Burt
NWR Chair of the Board of Trustees