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NWR begins in Buntingford

The NWR Buntingford Group met for the first time on 20 March at the Buntingford Wine Bar.

After introductions we launched straight into the main discussion “Tell us about your most interesting or earliest memory associated with a car. Either one you drove yourself or one you remember being driven in.” We heard about fascinating road trips, nerve wracking drives alongside cliff tops and what happens when you have collected your son and all his possessions from university on Mothering Sunday and break down in the pouring rain miles from home, and your AA membership has expired (they all made it home eventually). There was then time for a chat so that we could get to know one another.

Thank you to Maggie and Ruth from the Hertford/Ware NWR group for joining our first meeting and telling us about their wonderful experiences of being a member of NWR and sharing how their group is run.