journal1We have had excellent feedback from groups who have already participated in this project.

Groups are telling us that they had great meetings putting the pages together and found the experience thoroughly enjoyable. Most gratifying is the feedback from groups who were initially reluctant to participate – in fact, we now have around 95% of groups participating! (if yours is one of those few not participating and you now wish to join in then please do get in touch, it would be great to reach 100%!)

The progress of the books has been so great that we now plan to exhibit a digitalised, rolling display of some of the completed pages at the 2020 conference in Birmingham.

As you know, we do plan to exhibit the finished articles and to add them to our archives in the Women’s Library. The archives are a bit light on content for the past few years so these will be an excellent way to update the boxes. We also plan to digitalise the completed items and this digital version will be available (to members) on the website.

Don’t forget that you can look at our Pinterest group – NWR UK 2020 Scrapbook Project – for inspiration! We want what you put into your pages to be as individual as you are – every NWR group is unique and we hope that this project will reflect that. Your pages don’t have to be about looking backwards, they can be about anything related to your group. Some groups are creating sculptures or tapestries which can be sent in separately but it can be as simple as some photos or quotes from each of your members or stories relating to your NWR experience.

A big thank you to all the scrapbook coordinators!