Southsea Group’s Meetings ~ June – December 2015

June 29th Summer Walk – An evening walk then we will adjourn to a pub. Meet at 7pm

July 13th – A Significant Day. Tell us about a particular day that is significant, either personally, nationally or globally. Meet at Lynne’s

July 27th – Diets. Which diets work, which don’t and which are downright bad for you. Have any worked for you? Meet at Polly’s

Aug 10th – Refugee Crisis. How can we solve the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean? What are the options and moral implications? Meet at Denise’s

Aug 24th – USA. Research a state in the USA and tell us about it. Meet at Margaret’s

Sept 7th – Portrait/Artist. Find a portrait or artist that interests you or is a favourite and bring a copy along to share. Why does it interest you? Meet at Jane’s

Sept 21st- Shades of Mary Berry. Bake a cake where one of the ingredients is a fruit or vegetable. We will try and guess what is in it…Meet at Trish’s

Oct 5th – Medical Ethics. How should the NHS and the medical profession view cancer patients who smoke, drunks in A&E, too old for treatment, end of life care, placebos, assisted suicide, patient confidentiality, organs for sale, abortion and IVF etc. Meet at Sue’s

Oct 19th – Craft Evening. Shirley will help us make something crafty!!!! Meet at Shirley’s

Nov 2nd- Planning. Bring along ideas for the next programme. Meet at Lynne’s

Nov 9th – NWR Telephone Treasure trail, our exciting national quiz. Will be held at Trish’s house

Nov 16th – Folk Remedies. Folk medicine, herbal remedies, old wives tales and alternative medicine. Research some alternative cures and remedies or tell us what your granny would do. Meet at Uta’s

Nov 30th – Tell me something I don’t know, about anything you like, or something you think the rest of the group will find interesting. Meet at Pip’s

Dec 14th – Christmas Party. We’ll go out for a meal and festive celebration.

Jan 11th – Meeting