Telephone Treasure Trail 2014

The Telephone Treasure Trail is unique to NWR

Armed with their question sheet, telephones at the ready, members all over the country are preparing themselves for their annual, national quiz. Now in its 19th year, over 350 NWR Groups will be take part in the quiz which is held over four consecutive evenings during one week in November.

Each year one Group volunteers to set the questions and the NWR Office assists in the actual organisation. All the Groups are informed of their first clue beforehand and then telephone calls reveal the other questions as they go along. The quiz also involves volunteer clue holders who sit next to their phones from 8pm to10 pm on their allocated evenings to accept answers and provide Groups with the next question.

There is always a theme which should eventually be revealed as the quiz progresses; once discovered, other questions become easier to answer – well, this is not always the case! Past themes have been: seasons, colours, famous battles, towns with similar names, plants.

We will soon see what this year’s will be…